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We are proud to bring you the choicest selections of fresh-frozen prawn and milkfish products
which can be easily prepared and enjoyed as sumptuous favorites for formal or day-to-day menus.


As a food item of Filipinos and Asians, milkfish is highly-nutritious because of its protein content. Its succulent fat belly, considered the prime cut, will tempt everyone’s palate!


Supplying the seven retail stores, our meats are delivered to every store outlet twice a day, and is freshly sliced within the store's meat section for the consumer to choose from.


Our chickens are available in whole or in different cuts suitable for every kind of dish you desire to cook. Our eggs also comes from three sizes which are small, medium and large.


Black Tiger Prawns and Vannamei (white shrimps) are cultured at the sprawling farms in Bohol, processed and exported mainly to Japan, US, France and South Korea.

Who we are & what we do

One of the largest integrated farm in the country that produces and delivers quality farm products fresh from the pristine waters of Bohol.

Marcela Farms Incorporated (MFI) is a conglomerate of diversified business covering agriculture & aquaculture, and manufacturing industries.

Driven by a vision to play an active role in the industry, to help ensure food security and generate employment, Marcela Farms Incorporated ventured into Penaeus Monodon (Black Tiger Prawn) culture more than two decades ago. The success of such venture encouraged grow out expansions for Penaeus Vannamei Shrimps (farm-raised white shrimps), milkfish, tilapia and other varieties.

MFI is committed to become a global seafood supplier with world-class products. Its thrust to be competitive and to deliver value prompted the company to adapt a wholly-integrated system. Supporting the aquaculture division are these subsidiaries:

BOHOL AGRO-MARINE DEVELOPMENT CORP. in one of the top-five prawn exporters in the country and the only EU accredited processing plant (No. 1641). It is equipped with state-of-the-art Gram contact plate freezer and cold storage facilities and the first to use this model in the Philippines, which made us better equipped to meet seasonal volumes.

Fresh prawns & shrimps, milkfish and tilapia which are directly harvested from the farms are immediately processed under strict adherence to Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) quality system, Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and Sanitation Standards Operating Procedures (SSOP). Continuous training to hone the skills of our employees is given importance.

MARCELA AQUA FARMS is operating big farms for Penaeus Monodon (Black Tiger Prawns), Penaeus Vannamei (white shrimps), milkfish and tilapia (using brackish water). Apart from pond operations, this division is also operating cage farms for white pompano, mangrove jack (Red Snapper), green grouper and sea bass. The core areas which are closely monitored during production comprise: fry/fingerling quality, feeding & water management, and post-harvest handling.

MARCELA FRONTIER RESOURCES, INC. is one of the large-scale private hatcheries in the country with two farms located in the towns of Lila and Panglao, Bohol, Philippines. Its main aim is to provide consistent fry supply of Penaeus Monodon (Black Tiger Prawns), Penaeus Vannamei (white shrimps), milkfish and tilapia. It has Black Tiger Prawn breeders which are specific pathogen-free (SPF) imported from Hawaii.

MARCELA FEED MILL, a semi-automated feed mill (Van Aarsen), is one of the key factors which help in driving down cost of farm operations. Further, its other role is to guarantee year-round supply of aqua feeds which are antibiotic-free and of high nutritive value (instrumental in achieving the ideal feed conversion ratio at the farms).

Our Businesses

Marcela Farms Incorporated strictly adheres to
'Plate to Farm' Traceability and Sustainability in its supply chain.


Since 1988 the farms started operations and expanded to other locations within Bohol and became the largest and the number one aquaculture farm in the province.


On September 21, 1994, BAMDECORP (Bohol Agro-Marine Development Corporation) was established. It is a processing plant for prawn and other marine products for export.


Commencing its operations in 1996, the farm has expanded its capacity and upgraded its facilities into an environmentally controlled structure using a tunnel vent.


Rice milling started in 1996. The towns nearby are “palay” producing, there is no problem on the supply of Palay to be milled. Demand for rice in Bohol is high; thus, there is no problem in marketing.


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Marcela Farms Inc.
Corporate Center,
Upper Ground, North Wing Island City Mall,
Tagbilaran City, Bohol 6300
Subsidiary of
Bohol, Philippines

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